Repulsors (pair)


Simple, compact and effective.  The Repulsor units will add a fantastic motion-activated lighting and sound effect to your suit, replicating the effects seen on-screen.

The units will “fire” each time you recoil your hand.  Holding your hands upright in “blast” position for a moment will activate continuous fire.  Great for photos!  If you leave your hands by your side for a few seconds, the units will “power down”, conserving battery power.

Kit Contents

  • Repulsor unit (x2)
  • Attached 2″ 8ohm speakers
  • Embedded power switch

Additional Required Items (not included in kits)

Installation Instructions

To operate the Repulsors, simply orient them so that the text on the back is readable, and plug in the battery.  You may want to use a bit of hot-glue to secure the speaker wires where they connect to the board, as they are fairly thin.  I would also recommend putting some sort of barrier between your hand and the unit, to limit the amount of perspiration that accumulates on the electronics. (Anti-static bag would be most ideal, but electrical tape would also work.)

*Batteries not included.  Average delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

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