Servo Mechanism (simple)

$150 – $220


This servo mechanism fits into your helmet with its slim form factor, providing a hands-free method of activating the movement of your helmet’s faceplate.  When the helmet is level, turn the unit on and allow it to sit idle for about 10 seconds (this is the calibration phase).  Then, to activate the functions, simply nod your head forwards or backwards to trigger the included functions.

The upgraded unit now features a custom-designed PCB that contains all of the hardware in a wafer-thin package that measures 7 x 3 x 1.0cm.  The battery pack measures 5.8 x 6.5 x 1.6cm.

Kit Contents

  • Accelerometer (for tilt activation)
  • Built-in Power Switch
  • AA Battery Pack
  • Hitec HS-422 Servo

Additional Required Items (not included in kits):

Installation Instructions

  1. Use small pieces of electrical tape on the exterior of the helmet to secure the faceplate to your helmet.
  2. Turn the helmet upside down, and place the mechanism case on the forehead tab. Position the entire mechanism so that the center bar fits securely against the inside of the faceplate.
  3. (FOR UNITS WITH EYE LIGHTS) At the end of the pair of long extension wires is a white JST plug. Push it through the hole in the center bar so that it leads towards the top of the helmet. The Eye Circuit should now be situated above the eye holes.
  4. Use hot glue or double-sided tape to secure the center bar to the inside of the faceplate. Then, rotate the servo case 90 degrees. Apply glue or tape to the underside of the forehead tab, and then quickly rotate the servo case down to adhere it to the forehead tab.
  5. Once the servo mechanism is secure, you can remove the electrical tape that is holding the faceplate in place. Check to see that the movement of the faceplate works well with your helmet.
  6. Take the servo circuit board and place it so that the end with the tiny power switch is facing the back of the helmet. The power switch should also be facing the inside of the helmet (so that the bottom of the circuit board is pressed against the top of the helmet).
  7. Secure the circuit board and the AA Battery Pack to the top of the helmet. I use Scotch Wall Mounting Tape (grey in color) to secure both, but hot glue or any other strong adhesive will also work. NOTE: be sure to leave access to the connection points (servo, lights).
  8. (FOR UNITS WITH EYE LIGHTS ONLY) Secure the eye circuit boards to the faceplate.
  9. Insert 4 AA batteries.   Flip the helmet upright.
  10. Turn on the tiny power switch. You should see a red light appear on the Arduino board (rectangular, blue circuit board).
  11. The unit will now take an average reading of the “neutral” position. Try to keep the helmet in a level position (regardless of the angle of the circuit board inside the helmet.)
  12. (FOR UNITS WITH SERVO ONLY) The unit should become functional about 5 seconds after powering on. Tilt backwards quickly to test.
  13. (FOR UNITS WITH SERVO AND LIGHTS ONLY) The unit should become functional after the eyes flicker on. Tilt back quickly to test.

Watch these videos here and here for more insight into the installation process.

*Batteries not included.  Average delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

Additional Information

Kit Option

Servo Only, Servo and Lights, Servo, Lights and Touch

Eye Colour

White LEDs, Red LEDs


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