Walking Sound FX (pair)

$275 – $295


A self-contained pair of sensors which can be affixed to the front of your thighs, above the knees to translate your leg movement into mechanical sound effects.  The sequence of sounds is organic and random.  An attached momentary trigger can be added to one of the units to enable you to play your favourite tunes to accompany you as you move.

Kit Contents

  • Walking SFX units (x2)
  • Embedded power switch
  • (Optional) Capacitive Touch Sensor for triggering music

Additional Required Items (not included in kits)

Installation Instructions

There is an indicator light on the (not included) charger – when it goes out, the battery is charged. As with all rechargeable batteries, to ensure the longest life possible, unplug them when they finish charging, and when not in use.

Watch the video for instructions pertaining to calibration of the units.

*Batteries not included.  Average delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

**Units may not appear exactly as shown in video / images.

Additional Information

Kit Option

Sound effects only (no music), Includes music with touch activation


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